President’s Choice

An interactive comedy movie, in which you play as Lincoln with Napoleon and Churchill in the hot balloon. Players are required to make an important decision in order to survive.

  • What is my role?

Software engineer

  • Platform / Technology & Language used:

Flash / ActionScript

  • What are my responsibilities?

Technical research for position recognition, manage layers in Flash, control the flow of the movies, manual mode/keyboard control, and testing/bug fixing

  • What did I learn?

After Untenable, I gained experience in writing ActionScript and communicating with artists. In this project, I wasn’t as lost as I was back then. However, since President’s Choice is an installation, we had to come up with creative ways to receive inputs from users. Prior to this, I had little experience with hardware setup. Even though the computer vision techniques we used were simple and easily understood to me, getting a stable input from the webcam took us some time figuring out. In addition, this project was done by a group of nine, significantly more than the last project. Miscommunication did happen, but we quickly addressed it and ended up completing an amazing interactive movie.

  • Video