• What is it?

An interactive movie that explores the results of introspection that occurs in four main characters when something disturbs the status quo

  • What is my role?

Software engineer

  • Platform / Technology & Language used:

Flash / ActionScript

  • What are my responsibilities?

Control the flow of the movies, manage layers in Flash, and implement the resizing mechanics, and testing/bug fixing

  • What did I learn?

This project was my first time working closely with non-programmers and artists. Communicating became crucial so that we could collaboratively create a project exactly as we envisioned it. Having artist with programming background on the team certainly helped a lot. However, I was still the only coder. Learning ActionScript, which the interactive movie was written in, on the job made it even more challenging. One part of the project required carefully planning the movements and positions of the movies. I did encounter several issues with Flash because I couldn’t control volume dynamically like I did with video. In cases like this, I was glad I always had backup plan even if it was less elegant. However, it got the job done. Considering how limited the time we had to work on it, it was a great success.

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