High Dynamic Range Camera Project

  • What is it?

Process and create high dynamic range video with a multiple-camera setup

  • Who is my employer?

Computer Science Department at the University of British Columbia

  • What is my role?

Research assistant

  • What are my responsibilities?

Obtain videos from the two cameras, extract frames from them and compute homography matrix for calibration, implement the function that automatically warps video, prepare for merging to produce HDR video

  • What did I learn?

The two most important things I learned in this job were how to document properly and how to find useful information faster. Working on a small part of a big project, which utilizes UBC internal library, it was challenging at first because I had lots of information to digest and it was such short-term job. It forced and trained me to find information faster and do problem solving most efficiently. I also became not afraid of asking questions whenever I needed to. My job was to write some scripting and programs to calibrate videos. Documenting my codes and process is something I put extra efforts on since they will be used and maintained by other programmers later on.

  • Link

HDRCamera Documentation