HCI Project 2: Cookmate

  • What is it?

Mobile appilication that promotes healthy eating and cooking practices

  • What are my responsibilities?

Brainstorm, draft, then finalize questionnaire and do survey, analyze results, paper-prototyping, conduct cognitive walkthrough, re-iterate low fidelity prototype, make medium fidelity prototype

  • What did I learn?

Cookmate was a team project in the advanced Human-Computer Interaction course. It went through similar process as the first one, but with more emphasis on quantitative analysis. As a result, the project not only had to be more user-friendly comparing to existing product. It had to allow user to get information they need faster as well. It was a challenging project. We spent lots of time on user testing and cross-examinations, and re-iterated the user interface. The result was not apparently better than the alternatives, but our target users preferred Cookmate nonetheless.

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Cookmate Prototype

Note. Cookmate is designed to be an iPhone app and was built with iWebkit framework. It’s only compatible with Webkit-based browser like Safari and Chrome.

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