HCI Project 1: Transit Information Screen

  • What is it?

A real-time information kiosk-like system that assists in on-the-fly transit use planning

  • What are my responsibilities?

Brainstorm, draft, then finalize questionnaire and do survey, analyze results, paper-prototyping, conduct cognitive walkthrough, re-iterate low fidelity prototype, provide inputs for medium fidelity prototype

  • What did I learn?

As a project in Human-Computer Interaction course at UBC, TIS was our first chance to practice the proper techniques and methods that we learned in class to design user interface. The process went through several phases. We first identified the problems with current/existing interface, then brainstormed the possible solutions, surveyed target users, analyzed results, made the low-fidelity prototype, conducted test on the interface, and finally made appropriate adjustments to build medium-fidelity prototype. In this project, we learned the essential elements in user-centric design, and how we, as software engineers, can make our applications not only useful but usable.

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