I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UBC. In 2012, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Digital Media from Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. I started my career as an iOS developer at Perch Communications Inc in August 2012 and left in November 2013. Then I worked as a contractor on Promo iOS app for Promo.co in February 2014 and Hyve iOS app in June 2014. I joined Yero to develop its iOS app in June 2015 and stayed til November 2015. Then moved on to Dynamic Leap as an iOS developer. At DLT, I have worked on multiple tvOS projects including Guitar Tricks and CinemaFrame and led development of multiplatform project (iOS and Android) for ShareSmart. Moreover, I collaborated with Marine Learning System on an enterprise app for Carnival Corporation. This app was written in Swift using MVVMC paradigm and reactive programming (ReactiveSwift).

Currently working at Eventbase Technology. Main responsibility including architecting and implementing custom features for clients including Microsoft, Cisco, HP Enterprise, SXSW, and ESRI… etc. Design and develop several internal libraries that follow clean architecture with RxSwift and Swinject to allow flexibilities for customization. Develop tool for client to re-sign app for app submission to iTunes Connect. Mentor junior devswith workshops, pair programming, and debug sessions. Start initiatives to improve efficiency and address disparity issues between platforms with design team.

I am a skilled software developer with particular interest in mobile application development. I possess technical skills in various programming languages like Swift and Objective-C. I have successfully shipped multiple apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV over the years. I have extensively collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to develop interactive applications for several platforms using agile methodology.

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